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  • The Only Proton
    Center in Illinois

    Advanced radiation treatment conveniently
    located in the suburbs of Chicago.

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  •  CDH Proton Center Therapy

    Proton Therapy & Prostate Cancer

    William Hartsell, MD explains why proton
    therapy is a safe and effective treatment
    option for prostate cancer.

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  • Targeted Treatment that Helps Maintain Your Quality of Life

    Precise radiation delivered to the places you
    need it, sparing the tissues and organs that don’t.

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  • What is Proton Therapy

    Proton therapy is an advanced form of radiation therapy offering precision treatment with fewer side effects. Learn More

  • Tumors Treated

    Proton therapy is effective in treating many types of tumors in both adults and children. Learn More

  • Clinical Trials

    Most treatments today are the results of past clinical trials. Explore our open trials and help advance care. Learn More